REGO – Cognitive robotic tools for human-centered small-scale multi-robot operations

Cognitive robotic tools for human-centered
multi-robot operations

RĔGO enables the next generation of AI-powered interactive small-size multi-robots systems, with increased capabilities to work with each other and their human operators.

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About The project

What is RĔGO?

RĔGO is a 4-years research project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe programme. It aims to develop an innovative set of AI-powered, microsized, untethered, stimuli-responsive swarms of robots. They will be wirelessly steered through electromagnetic fields as well as respond to other external stimuli, jointly controlled by humans through intuitive multisensory interfaces and by autonomous controllers through AI-based cognitive algorithms. They will be carried and intelligently deployed by a set of similar AI-powered, milli-sized, untethered, stimuli-responsive robotic carriers, able to dispatch the microsized robotic swarm and to locally steer/activate it for improved multi-robot control at the micro-scale. Similarly to ants and multi-drone systems, the RĔGO robots will be able to team up and collaborate to fulfil highly complex tasks in a robust, scalable, and flexible way.

About the consortium

Who is RĔGO?

The project Consortium is composed of 8 international partners from 4 European Union countries:

The @RegoProject 2nd consortium meeting been held at @HZDR_Dresden.
In addition, it was the opportunity to observe the installation and the work of D. Makarov and his group on intelligent materials and systems, towards the development of innovative AI-powered #Robots.


As a funded project from the European Commission, @RegoProject is an application of the European dream, strong of 4 members countries at our level we spread these values too. #EuropeDay

This week @RegoProject consortium members will meet at @HZDR_Dresden . This second in-person meeting will be the opportunity to visit the lab and see the progress of the project.

#REGOproject #horizoneurope #IRISA #CNRS #HZDR


Joint Event: “HARIA meets REGO”. The Coordinators of the two Horizon Europe Projects HARIA (@dprattichizzo) and @RegoProject (@cpacchierotti) met yesterday at the Dept. of Information Engineering and Mathematics,@unisiena , to discuss together possible future collaborations.

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About the research

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